Lawn edging

Get your 'secret weapon', nearly invisible but tough lawn edging at best price.

 Join thousands of smart gardeners that already have perfect lawn edge while saving

 50, 60, and even 70% of time and cost on edge maintenance.  

 Time to advanced, read more about lawn edging   

lawn edging


Hot New: For your young trees

Tree water angel - save water and labor and get better crops

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Green Solutions for your garden and home


Railing planter

At Last In The UK

Greenbo railing planters
a  wow EFFECT.
The first and best railing planters
that became popular in the USA,
Australia, Germany and now available  in the UK.

Balcony and fence railing planter

New window boxes-

Even much bigger

 Root Barrier  

Bamboo root barrier
Stop the rhizome from spreading all around your garden.
The Only Rhizome barrier that recommended by professionals around the world.

Tree root root barriers- protect foundations home and pavement from expensive trees roots damage.

Planting meduim


How to get better plants
 Vermiculite for gardening
Perlite for planting and seeds
Coir bales for pots and raised beds


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